Is it complicated to use? 

Not at all. If you can screw a cap on a bottle, you can put the Coolerator together. 

Can I buy canned or bottled beer and put it in the Coolerator?

While we love to encourage our customers to support local breweries, you can put canned or bottled beers in the mini-kegs and dispense them from your Coolerator. Taking caution when pouring will help your beer stay carbonated and fresh-tasting. 

Can I replace my Coolerator cooler? 

Yes, and it is fairly simple to do. After disassembling your Coolerator, refer to the instructions to proceed with your new cooler. 

Are Coolerators made in the United States?

Absolutely. Coolerators are assembled in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Is it heavy?

It can be, but that is why we provide a cooler that has wheels! If you are setting up a Coolerator with more than 3 taps, we recommend setting the cooler into place and then hooking up the mini-kegs. 

What is Coolerators return policy?

Coolerators can be returned unused within 30 days following the ship date. Please refer to our return guidelines page for more details. 

Do you warranty your products?

Yes! We warranty all Coolerator products from manufacturer defects for one year from the purchase date. More info here. 

What can I put in the mini-kegs?

Technically, any beverage you want! We recommend sticking with drinks that are carbonated since the CO2 will add some additional carbonation to the liquid inside the container.

Can I put a non-carbonated beverage inside the Coolerator?

Uncarbonated drinks that are used in the Coolerator usually end up with slight carbonation after about an hour, so if you don't mind a bit of carbonation then fill them up with whatever you like. This feature is perfect for keeping beer or mimosas from going flat! 

What do I tell my bartender when I am filling mini-kegs at a bar or brewery? 

We recommend letting the bartender know that the mini keg holds (2) standard growler fills so that you are charged accordingly.

Will anything else fit in the cooler other than the mini kegs?

Yes! Of course how much depends on your Coolerator selection. Even in our tightest packed Coolerator you have room for a couple of bottled waters and enough food for 2-3 people for a day of drinking. 

Does the Coolerator need to be cleaned after each use?

We do recommend cleaning after each use. For details, please refer to our Care and Troubleshooting section on cleaning. 

Can I use my own cooler? 

You can, indeed. If you would like to turn your own cooler into a Coolerator, go to our Custom Coolerator page and choose "No Cooler - DIY Coolerator Kit". Don't worry, we send thorough instructions on turning your favorite cooler into a Coolerator. 

How long will beverages stay fresh in the Coolerator?

As long as the containers are kept cold and there is CO2 attached to the regulator being funneled into the mini-kegs, for weeks. The exception is drinks that contain juices; those will need to be monitored according to the instructions on their original container. 

I'm out of cartridges and I need to use my Coolerator today, where do I get cartridges and what kind of cartridges do I buy?

If you don't have time to order cartridges, you can get them from a bike store in a pinch. Ask for 3/8" threaded CO2 cartridges, 16-gram minimum. 

Can I use the Coolerator mini-kegs outside of the cooler?

Yes, with the standard metal cap it can be used as a growler. The impermeability and durability of these containers make them handy in a survival situation, as well. (Especially if there is beer stored in them.)

Is the Coolerator upgradable?

Definitely. You can simply purchase more mini kegs to hold back up drinks for easy swapping at a large event.

If you purchased a 1 tap Coolerator and you now are needing more taps, you have a couple of options here, too. You can purchase an additional DIY kit and add it to your Coolerator, or you can disassemble your current Coolerator and use the parts in a larger cooler of your choice. We have instructions available and are here to assist you along the way!

Can I replace my Coolerator cooler? 

Yes, and it is fairly simple to do. After disassembling your Coolerator, refer to the instructions to proceed with your new cooler. 

Can I pimp my Coolerator?

Yes, you sure can! The Coolerator was created to support local breweries, so pack on the swag. If you do, tag us on social media for a shout out! @TheCoolerator

Will my friends and family love it? 

No doubt, they will. The Coolerator makes it easy for everyone to get the drinks they love conveniently.