Coolerator Care and Troubleshooting

Care: Cleaning and Storing

We recommend cleaning your Coolerator after each use. Damp mini-kegs and faucets are the perfect place for dangerous bacteria colonies to harvest and grow.

Cleaning the faucets and shanks

  1. Unscrew the faucet from the shank on the front of your Coolerator.
  2. Unscrew the nut from the inside of the Coolerator to release the shank. Pull the shank out from the exterior of the Coolerator and remove the black collar.
  3. Disassemble the faucet, leaving the plastic O-rings on.
  4. Soak the faucet and shank in hot soapy water. Rinse and leave the faucet disassembled to air dry.
  5. Assemble the faucet and store it in a dry place (inside the cooler) until the next use. You may re-insert the shanks into the Coolerator for storage.

Oxyclean is great for removing excessive grime, however we do not recommend using it for every cleaning as it will degrade the chrome finish after many uses.


Cleaning the mini-kegs

  1. Remove the black dispense cap and dump any remaining beverages out of the mini-keg.
  2. Put several drops of antibacterial dishwashing soap into the mini-keg. Fill with hot water, replace the lid, and shake the container. Continue to run hot water through the mini keg until the water runs clear.
  3. Leave the cap off, allowing the mini-keg interior to dry out. 
  4. Once the mini-keg is dry, replace the cap to move to a more permanent storage location. As long as the cap is secured, the mini-keg will remain beverage ready in most storage environments.


Cleaning the cooler

DIY Coolerators, see manufacturer instructions specific to your cooler.

  1. Dump the remaining ice and drain the Coolerator using the plug on the back of the cooler.
  2. Using a damp cloth or rag, remove any environmental debris that has entered the Coolerator. Depending on how much debris has accumulated, you may need to rinse the cooler using water or saturate your rag with antibacterial soap. Generally, disinfecting the Coolerator between uses is a good idea, but not necessary unless beer has leaked into the bottom of the cooler during use.
  3. Allow the cooler to air dry before closing the lid and storing.



  • Make sure to check with the cooler manufacturer guidelines to determine whether your DIY Coolerator should be used as a seat. Coolerator blue coolers should NOT be sat on. Doing so runs the risk of damaging equipment inside the Coolerator.
  • You will not be able to fly with CO2 cartridges—not even in checked bags. Compressed gas cartridges must be shipped via ground services. Make sure to prepare in advance if you will be traveling with your Coolerator.



“Nothing is coming out.”

  1. Ensure you have a new, non-punctured CO2 cartridge screwed tightly into the regulator.
  2. Slowly turn the knob on the regulator as if you are beginning to dial pressure. If the dial is showing pressure, try again to dispense.
  3. If nothing is dispensing still BUT THE DIAL MOVED, turn the regulator dial to the OFF position and remove the cap.
  4. Make sure the vinyl dip tube is securely attached to the black dispense cap and has not been punctured.
  5. Re-screw the cap and regulator set up back onto the mini keg.
  6. IF THE DIAL NEVER MOVED, replace the CO2 cartridge.


“It is leaking…”

…from where the regulator attaches to the black dispense cap.

  • Take off the regulator, ensure the rubber gasket is in the connection point, re-assemble.

…between the mini-keg and the black dispense cap.

  • Remove the cap and ensure the red o-ring is present. If it is not, it must be replaced. (Please contact Coolerator Support for a replacement.) If the red o-ring is still in place, reattach the dispense cap and ensure it is tightened properly.

…somewhere on the tubing.

  • If your tubing has been punctured and is leaking, you will need to replace it. Please contact Coolerator Support to request replacement tubing.

…where the tubing meets the barb on the black dispense cap.

  • Ensure the tubing is completely covering the barb. If the tubing is loose on the barb, it will need to be replaced.

…where the push in connector meets the shank.

  • Reseat the tubing. Ensure you slightly pull back on the tubing after pushing it all the way in.

…at the collar of the beer shank.

  • Remove and reseat the faucet. Ensure the faucet wrench is used to tighten the shank collar.

…at the faucet tip.

  • Ensure the handle is pushed all the way back. Additionally, dried beer can case this issue. Disassemble the faucet and shank per the care instructions and clean all components thoroughly.  


“My beer is too foamy.”

  1. This is generally caused by too much pressure in the mini-keg. Turn the regulator to the OFF position and unscrew the regulator from the black dispense cap until you hear the air escape.
  2. Screw the regulator back on.
  3. Follow the normal usage instructions to recharge the keg.