About Us

The Coolerator was born out of a genuine love for good beer.

With the boom of small breweries came higher beer standards: no more are the days of mediocre brews and no-flavor beers. 

Dedicated beer people demand rich and uniquely crafted flavors, leaving master brewers busy spinning their own seasonal variations and brewing new favorites to ensure customers return to their tap rooms. Some breweries are afforded the capacity to can or bottle their most popular menu items and pass those along to local retailers, but there will often be small-batch beers that get trapped forever inside of the bar's kegerator, never to be released from the confines of the tap room. 

It has always been the job of the big-brand bottled brews to spice up the tailgate or accompany a poolside barbecue. Even the most dedicated beer aficionados, until now, found themselves settling for their liquor store's limited selection of craft beer outside of the brewery. 

The owner and inventor of Coolerator, Jason Garvin, needed an efficient way to get the beer he loved to his tailgate. Needing more capacity than the typical growler fill, he began using 5-Liter mini-kegs to transport his favorite beers. After some experiments using dispense-tops and faucets, he ended up with a cooler with beer taps. Thus, the Coolerator was born. 

The Coolerator was launched in September of 2016 at the Bikes, Blues, and Barbecues Rally in Fayetteville, Arkansas, which is also where the Coolerator headquarters are located. 


At Coolerator, we are devoted to the idea that craft beer is meant to be enjoyed far beyond the tap room or bar.

Whether you are tailgating with your favorite team, enjoying a day on the water or in the woods, or hosting a party, the Coolerator team knows your time will be better with good beer. 

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