The Launch & Changes

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The Launch

Less than two weeks before Bikes, Blues, & BBQs we decided that it was time to show the public what we've been working on. We ordered 20,000 stickers, created 8 prototypes, and gathered a small team of knowledgeable people to help explain the Coolerator to the eager public.

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4 (very hot) days later, we had our first data from this nose-dive into the public eye, and here is what we learned:

  1. This is definitely a product that requires a bit of explanation.
  2. Everyone from the whiskey drinker to the craft beer guy loves the idea.
  3. We ordered way too many Coolerator stickers.

Day 1 at Fayetteville #BikesBluesBBQs 🍻🏍

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    We made a few changes, one including the shank options. Originally, we had decided to offer short vs. long shank options (the longer option used to accommodate thick-walled marine coolers) for our DIY Coolerator Kit, but we have since decided that all DIY Coolerator Kits will be sold with the longer shank. The second change we made was cutting out the magnets all-together due to safety issues with adhesives and the possibility of causing corrosion inside the cooler. This may be a feature we re-introduce later after further testing, but our current magnet options do not add any convenience and add an unnecessary cost. We have also adjusted pricing since the launch, taking our lowest costing option down from $200 to $165. 

    The first units from the launch were shipped out last Friday. Our DIY Coolerator Kit seems to be the most popular option, so far. This month we will be working on ramping up product photos and redesigning the website. We are also working on getting a branded tap handle for the DIY Coolerator Kits, which we are very excited about! 

    More to come,


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    Getting Started

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    It seems like so much work has already gone into the development of the Coolerator, but the reality is that the hardest work hasn't even begun. 

    The past month our energy has been devoted to branding and developing a prototype that we can take to the public. Extensive research on coolers, testing different magnets, understanding current and past patents and trademarks-- all necessary for development, but not the type of glamour that gets people hyped for our product. 

    Yesterday we opened the flood gates of social media to begin establishing relationships with the public. It is our goal to have a prototype ready by October to showcase at Oktoberfests in our area. Depending on the success we see from those events, we will decide on a launch date for our crowdfunding campaign. 

    More to come!


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